We are an up and coming t-shirt company who sells women inspirational and spiritual t-shirts and children clothing in a variety of sizes and colors from Bella Canvas, Gildan, and many more. How Positive U! Tees! got started? I am an avid meditator, Reiki Master, and I read A Course in Miracles (ACIM) daily. Many of the messages on the t-shirts are inspired by ACIM or they are inspired by positive thinking people. Positiveness, love, peace and joy are the messages that my company wants to dissimulate throughout the world. Wearing how you want to feel is our slogan because I truly believe women should wear clothing that reflects their personality, inspirational and spiritually. Wearing how you want to feel will help spread positive messages one person at a time. People will see the t-shirt and be inspired, to love, serve and show compassion to others. 


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